Buckeroo History

The Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo has been an Oregon tradition since September 1913, when the railroad came to town. During the early years, the local fireman sponsored the Rodeo as an equipment fundraiser. In 1923 the Molalla Buckeroo Association was formed and took over the operation of the Rodeo. The Molalla Buckeroo Association is a non profit charitable corporation and has over 40 active members who are 100% volunteer. These volunteers provide the management, production, and labor to ensure the continued success of the annual Buckeroo event.

The Buckeroo has in place a nine member executive board which is responsible for managing the extensive and varied committee structure of this organization.

The Mission of the Association:

  1. Support community charitable programs, organizations, and causes.
  2. Support and promote a family oriented community event.
  3. Preserve the oldest form of American Heritage, the Rodeo.
  4. Promote tourism and development in Clackamas County.

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